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Chelate chemistry is used in many of our everyday items such as processing photos, cleaning detergents and preserving food.

Our Dissolvine® chelating agents combine amine and carboxylic acid functionality into one molecule; this powerful combination forms much more stable complexes with metal ions compared to other non-aminopolycarboxylates (APCs) chelating agents.

Dissolvine® chelates are also stable over a wider range of temperatures and pH values. They have good water solubility and are inert to most chemicals, with several chelates in the Dissolvine® range being readily biodegradable in the Closed Bottle Test (OECD 301D).

The benefits of Dissolvine

Dissolvine® chelates are inert to most chemicals, so they function well under the most demanding conditions. They dissolve very well in water, so they perform faster. And they’re available in liquid and solid forms, as well as a range of concentrations – so customers have more choice.

Dissolvine® chelates can be used in a wide range of applications; from soaps and detergents to building materials, food preservatives, and print ink manufacturing.

Our formula for success

As global leaders in chelate chemistry, we’ve worked across many industrial processes and applications. Our success lies in using that expertise to develop the right product for our customers. We work closely with them to find new solutions and improve old ones.

In some instances, that means actively working with them in developing and commercializing new products and solutions as business partners.

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Dissolvine® GL: The Greener Chelate

Dissolvine® GL, brand name for GLDA,  is the latest, most green and strong chelate in our range. It is a safe and readily biodegradable chelating agent that can be used as alternative for Phosphates, NTA and EDTA, especially in cleaning applications. It has an exceptional high solubility at high and low pH. The majority of the molecule originates from a natural, sustainable source. 

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