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Examples of our Innovations


Bermocoll for Stone Paint Bermocoll for Stone Paint
A new application for an old product 
UV-curable clearcoat UV-curable clearcoat
An innovative option for body shops 
Nordsjö Diamond Floor Nordsjö Diamond Floor
Reasserting market leadership with a new floor paint formulation 
Dulux Charm Waterborne Woodcare

Dulux Charm Waterborne Woodcare
Leading the way on waterborne interior wood coatings 

Automatchic Vision Automatchic Vision
Revolutionizing color matching in the vehicle refinishes market 
Rediset  Rediset 
Pave longer-lasting roads 
Interpon Reflex 

Interpon ReFlex 
An ultra-reflective powder coating that can increase the effective output of commercial lighting fixtures by up to 30 percent

InterTracVision_product Intertrac Vision
The first "Big Data" solution to accurately predict the performance of a coatings technology – before it has been applied 
Composite IBCs Composite IBCs
Safe supply of organic peroxides  
Nouryact Curing Systems, picture credits: Rene van der Hulst Nouryact Curing systems
Water-insenstive curing systems for bio-fiber reinforced composites
Photo: Rene van der Hulst
Steam Reduction Bitterfeld 

Steam reduction Bitterfeld
Doing more with less: innovation for sustainable manufacturing 


Biocide-free marine fouling control technology

Interpon Align Interpon Align
A new “dry-on-dry” two-coat, one-bake coating system, that streamlines the powder coating application process
Interplate Zero  

Interplate Zero
Most shipyards still use solvent-based zinc silicate shop primers - Interplate® Zero is a more environmentally friendly alternative

KeepCool TechnologyKeepCool Technology
Paints that reflect infrared light to reduce heat absorption
Interchar® 1120

Interchar® 1120
Chlorine-free intumescent coating based on waterborne technology

A better trade paint and a tool for sustainable product development: significantly lower “embodied carbon” profiles and virtually zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content

A low-energy, low-waste process for purifying chelates


A food-grade ferric sodium EDTA, which can be used as a nutritional ingredient to improve the iron status of anemic individuals